Dear Mr. Scannell,

    My name is Meredith Lee, and one of my favorite shows that Nickelodeon has ever run was a musical/comedy/variety show called Roundhouse. Produced by Rebel Entertainment, Roundhouse was very different, very fun, and very special. It appealed to young children as well as teenagers and adults. Roundhouse was very popular, and it ran for four short seasons.
    In 1994, two years after the first episode of Roundhouse, Nick cancelled the show. Fans were upset, and many attempted to get it back on the air with letters of protest and petitions. Time passed, and nothing happened. Some time later, Black Entertainment Television (BET) bought the rights, but never aired it.
    Meanwhile, last summer, my cousin Kath Ludewig and I remembered how much we had liked the show. We managed to dig up two old episodes on tape, and they were hysterical! Roundhouse was irreplacable. We wished it was still on the air, but there didn't seem to be anything we could do about it.
    Then Kath had an idea. She suggested starting a petition to get  Roundhouse back. I agreed, and after more discussion, I suggested that we post the  petition on the World Wide Web so that we could get people from all over the country involved.
    In November, we posted our site at: 
    Our petition ended up becoming bigger than we had ever imagined. We found dozens of fans on the Internet who printed out copies of our petition  and got as many signatures as they could. Many people had been involved in previous petition attempts and were willing to help out on another. Some people, like Michelle and Adge Doucette, had known some cast members of Roundhouse. Kath and I even starting talking to Roundhouse guitarist Marty Walsh over e-mail.
    In March, our friend Adge met cast member David Sidoni in person and told him about the petition. He couldn't believe it. Later that month, Kath saw Crystal Lewis (another cast member) in concert. Afterwards, when Crytsal was signing  autographs, she signed our petition! We were so thrilled that we decided to put that sheet first in our package. 
    In April, we gathered up all the petitions that we had collected. We are mailing them to Nickelodeon, Rebel Entertainment, and BET. And on April 11, I took a copy to Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, where a supportive group tour guide promised to take the petition upstairs to the Production Office. 
    Altogether, we have a total of  679 signatures. We hope this  reminds you of all the fans who loved Roundhouse and want it back on the air. It truly was a great show, with a talented cast, excellent musicians, great writers and producers, etc. Roundhouse means a lot to us, and we hope you'll reconsider your decision to take it off.
    As our friend Julie Albert would say, "Reprise the theme song and roll the reruns!"


                                                  Meredith Lee
                                                  Roundhouse Petition
                                                  Campaign '98