P.O. Box 15257
                                                                                                     Syracuse, New York 13215
                                                                                                     April 2000

Herb Scannell
c/o Viewer Services
Nickelodeon Studios
1515 Broadway
New York, New York 10036

Dear Mr. Scannell,

       Roundhouse fans started petitioning to get their favorite Nickelodeon sketch comedy back on the air as soon as the last episode aired in 1994. After a couple years of petitioning, the fans’ letters seemed to die down. In late 1997, my cousin Meredith and I started our petition. In April 1998, copies of our Roundhouse petition were sent to:

  •  Original copy:

  • Herb Scannell 
    Nickelodeon Studios 
    1515 Broadway 
    New York, NY 10036 
  • Producers (their address at the time):

  • Rebel Entertainment
    10124 Riverside Drive 
    Toluca Lake, CA 91602
  •  Rumored owner of the rights to Roundhouse at the time:

  • BET
    1900 W. Place, NE 
    Washington, DC 20018 
  • A copy of the petition was also delivered to a Nickelodeon Studios rep at Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida. 
       Even after we had sent in 679 signatures, Roundhouse fans continued to send us petitions. We decided to continue the petition, calling it the “Roundhouse Follow-Up Petition.” The web-site is located at http://locket.net/roundhouse/.
       We waited for a year and a half for a response, but not one place that received our petition replied to us. I was quite disappointed, to say the least. Despite this, along with other loyal fans, I continued to watch the local TV listings, in hopes that the show would be back on anyway. When one of my friends called me this past June and told me that Roundhouse was going to be on TV as part of Nickelodeon’s 20th Anniversary Special, I was ecstatic! I e-mailed many of the petition supporters, who were just as thrilled as I was. When June 26th came, I invited friends and family over to watch Roundhouse with Meredith and myself. We were overjoyed to see the friendly, familiar faces of the cast on TV again! All of us were singing along with the theme song and laughing hysterically at the jokes we knew by heart. It was so much fun! Meredith and I even introduced some of our younger cousins to the show for the first time. After Nickelodeon’s “Birthday Marathon,” I’m sure that a new generation of Roundhouse fans was born. In addition, we’ve received e-mails from people who were reminded of Roundhouse’s brilliance after the June 26th airing.
       Aside from the fact that our fellow petitioners signed their names and support the cause, you may not know much about their specific feelings about Roundhouse. Here are a few quotes from e-mails people have sent to Meredith and me pledging their devotion to Roundhouse and our petition:

       “Please get Roundhouse back on the air, that show was my way of getting through life and 
       without it on TV, I don't know what I do, but if you don't put it back on the air, at least ask 
       Nickelodeon to put the series on video.”

       “It's been so long since I've seen Roundhouse and I'm just dying to see it again.”

       “I am glad that somebody wants Roundhouse back on the air, too!  It certainly deserves to 
       come back!  I mean, c'mon.  It's the least that Nick can do after canceling it way too soon… 
       They need Roundhouse back to liven up their channel!”

       “…I wholeheartedly send my hopes that this grrrrreat show comes back in the well-loved 

       “I've always been a roundhouse fanatic at heart and I ALWAYS used to watch that show! We 
       have 2 get Nick to recast and update 4 the 90's!!!!! (or get them to rerun!)”

       One letter we received brought up so many good points that I can’t choose my favorite quote. So here is the complete letter:

              “Back in the days when Roundhouse was still on the air, I was a really big fan. I used to 
       beg my mom and dad to let me stay up to watch it. I'm fifteen now. My name is Patrick 
       Carmody, and I live in Richlands, Virginia. I'm really into acting, especially improvisation. 
       Roundhouse was like a dream come true for me. The people on the show had it all - they could
       sing, dance (big thanks to Ivan), and - of course - act.
              There is little I would want more than to see these talented actors back on the air. The 
       shows being aired on Nickelodeon, presently, are a joke to peoples' intelligence. Shows like
       Spongebob Squarepants (airing in July), The Brothers Flubb, and Catdog are clogging up the 
       airwaves with senseless babbling in an attempt to gain viewer ratings. Many people I know 
       that watch Nickelodeon watch these shows only because there is nothing else to watch.
              I suggest we give them something worth watching, for a change. Please bring 
       Roundhouse back.”

       Roundhouse was a TV show with that incomparably inventive spirit. Roundhouse has often been compared to a Broadway musical performed right in your living room. The props were simple yet abstract. The producers placed more emphasis on story than scenery. The songs and choreography added extra zing to the show, which exposed children and teenagers to musical theatre and stood out among ordinary TV shows.
       I hope we’re not giving you the impression that we didn’t appreciate Nickelodeon airing Roundhouse on June 26th. We were incredibly thrilled and grateful that Nickelodeon acknowledged the show and aired it again after all these years. The fact that it was on the airwaves gave us hope that maybe our petition had made an impact after all. Two episodes were great, but the public is sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see the other fifty again. With the increasingly popularity of sketch comedies such Saturday Night Live and Mad TV, Roundhouse would certainly gain a new fan base. Once one of my friends even told me, “I think that the people on Roundhouse are more talented than the people on Saturday Night Live because they sing, act, dance, and all that stuff.” I know of over twenty Roundhouse related web-sites on the internet and I am always finding new ones.
       In October 1999, we heard a rumor that Nickelodeon was going to devote one Saturday afternoon to showing all of the old SNICK shows. Although a couple people 
e-mailed us saying that they had seen a commercial for the special, they were the only people who saw the commercial. Other on-line fans checked the TV listings in hopes that the rumor was true but nothing ever came of it.
       With the 679 signatures from April 1998 and the 488 we have now, we have collected 1167 signatures total! Even though Roundhouse has been off the air for some time, people cannot, and will not, forget this show. Our petition isn’t the only current one out there trying to get Roundhouse back on the air. There was an e-mail forward petition last spring and Emma a.k.a. “Spacey” started an on-line petition at http://members.tripod.com/~Spacey84/roundhouse.html. Between July 1998 and April 2000, she has collected 603 signatures for her petition.
       As I mentioned earlier, last time we sent in signatures, we didn’t receive a response from Nickelodeon - not even a short note letting us know that our petitions had arrived. A couple people from Rebel Entertainment took the time to visit our website during the past few months and sent us a few e-mails. Roundhouse Production Assistant Eric Hester and Roundhouse cast member Lisa Vale even sent us some e-mails. A response from you would be greatly appreciated this time, even if it’s just a short note that says, “We got your petition and will consider what you said.”


                                                                                                     Kathleen Ludewig

                                                                                                     Roundhouse Follow-Up 
                                                                                                     Petition Campaign 2000