Dear Mr. Scannell,

      If you think back to the very first SNICK line-up, you'll remember a unique show called Roundhouse. It was a lively show with unbelievable dancing, fantastic singing, and humorous little skits. The show had a catchy theme song, a very talented cast, and received wonderful reviews. 
      Roundhouse was a nice, wholesome show which people of all ages enjoyed watching. It was something that the whole family could watch together, and everyone laughed. At the same time, it promoted positive values such as staying in school, going for your dreams, individuality, and accepting your family. After fifty-two episodes and four seasons, Roundhouse ended in 1994. 
      When Roundhouse was canceled, fans were disappointed and fought back with letters and petitions showing how much they loved the show. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough and Roundhouse remained off television. BET bought the rights a few years later, but, to the best of my knowledge, Roundhouse was never aired on their station. 
      I've been a fan of Roundhouse since it first aired in 1992. Last year when I found websites for it on the internet, I knew I had to see it again. My cousin Meredith found that she had some episodes on tape. After watching them and laughing 'til our sides hurt, I knew why I had loved the show so much. 
      In the fall, I decided to start a petition to get Roundhouse back on the air. Meredith had the idea to post it on-line to get more people involved. Her idea worked and there were a lot of people interested in helping us.
      Through means of the petition, we had the privilege of talking to people who knew the cast, such as Michelle Brooks and Adrienne (Adge) Doucette. We even talked to Marty Walsh, the guitarist for Roundhouse.
      Marty isn't the only person from Roundhouse who knows about the petition. In March, when our friend Adge met David Sidoni, she mentioned the petition to him, and he couldn't believe it. Later in March, I went to a Crystal Lewis concert. After the concert, when Crystal was signing autographs, my friends and I took the opportunity to tell her about the petition. She thought it was cool and gladly signed. 
        As of now, we have a total of  679 signatures. I hope this demonstrates how much Roundhouse is loved. All the cast members were, and still are, extremely talented. Roundhouse was a show like no other and I hope you'll seriously consider showing reruns of it.


                                                  Kathleen Ludewig
                                                  Roundhouse Petition
                                                  Campaign '98